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Vanessa Crawford-Murphy


Certified Holistic Practitioner


After spending 20 years climbing the Corporate ladder, working in the Chemical Industry as well as being part a large blended family, I realized how stress can severely affect our functioning and cause various ailments. This I discovered after a debilitating shoulder pain had me visiting various healthcare specialists including Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. I was at my wits end and a friend suggested I try BodyTalk, I had nothing to lose. I scheduled a session and went, not knowing what to expect. I never thought I would walk out of the session with an instant 50% pain reduction. Each day the pain seemed to lessen, until one week later, I was completely pain free!!

I now wanted to know more; I did my own investigation into the BodyTalk system and became so intrigued with this incredible healthcare system that I decided to do the BodyTalk Course and certify as a BodyTalk Practitioner under the guidance of the International BodyTalk Association so that I could be in a position to assist others cope with stress and the various  physical, mental and emotional issues that can arise in the body due internal and external environmental factors.


After certifying as an internationally recognized BodyTalk Practitioner, I left the corporate world to focus on helping others cope with the everyday stressors of life, using the incredible techniques of the BodyTalk System. I added Fascia release and Natural Healthcare supplements to my ‘tool box’ to further assist my clients to heal in the most natural way possible. I now have clients globally that benefit from the various modalities on offer at the Be You Global Health and Wellness Centre. Since my career change, I have assisted many to shift aches, pains, tensions and discomfort in the entire BodyMind complex, thereby restoring vibrant health to their body, mind and energy systems. I offer individually tailored lifestyle plans for private clients as well as Wellness workshops for corporates. I am grateful to be able to assist others as I know what it is like to suffer for years, and then find relief from aches and pains, allergies, anxiety and overwhelm from the challenge of juggling a corporate life with a large blended family.

I look forward to continuing to see remarkable shifts and changes in my client’s healing journeys.


Juanita Barrett


Integrative Health and Lifestyle Strategist


Integrative Health and Lifestyle Strategist, working with various modalities, including BodyTalk, LifePrint OS and Fascia Release. These modalities combined Form unique aspects of healing tailored to individual needs. 

With the support of natural healthcare products, all aspects of the physical, emotional and mental bodymind are addressed. Individual as well as corporate solutions can be addressed in private or group sessions.

As an educator for the better part of 20 years, I worked with children and families on a daily basis. My need to understand how to effectively assist children adults in my care without the use of chemical medication led me to the LifePrint Operating System. The shifts I experienced were profound and I began exploring and studying other natural Healthcare modalities. 

As a single parent, I have the privilege of helping and guiding my own family as well as may others on their wellness and life journey. 

My definition of success - To create an authentic awareness of Truth - Establishing a powerful global platform where Love, Joy, Healing, Integrity, Respect, Communication, Wisdom and Peace manifest.

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